"86% of computer crimes originate inside the network."
- Intranet Security

Black Sheep Networks Inc. is a digital security consulting firm delivering high quality information security solutions at a lower cost.
BSNI's knowledgeable security engineers can help protect your company through innovative solutions. We do more than just recommend and install products, we strengthen networks from the inside-out taking careful consideration to each system one at a time.
BSNI was founded on February 2001 based in Boston, Massachusetts. BSNI was formed due to the increasing threat of security attacks. BSNI has a laboratory dedicated for the testing and creation of new security exploits and technologies that help to keep our knowledge above and beyond the rest.

  Government Security Solutions

Black Sheep Networks provides extensive security solutions for the military and Government. Cross-Domain solutions are our specialty. Hardening Linux, HPUX, AIX, Solaris, Tru64, VMS, IRIX, BSD, MS Windows, and more systems to meet STIG/SRR, DITSCAP, DIACAP, DCID 6/3, NISPOM, 8500 Requirements, and many other system security requirements. Trusted Solaris Configuration designs, Hypervisor security designs to implement MILS or MLS security.
Black Sheep Networks will also provide C&A service, training, and documentation.

Information Security Consulting

At Black Sheep Networks, our mission is to offer total INFOSEC services focusing on Internal security. When building a Castle, building walls and defenses only go so far. You need to secure every building inside the castle in case someone breaches your expensive wall.
Ordinary security services from ordinary companies provide implementation of expensive products that ask the following questions:

  • Who are you...
  • Are you allowed to go there?
    Black Sheep's security services provide strengthening of servers and networks from the inside out. A breakin involves more than bypassing questions.. a cracker could login as a secretary and control your entire network and servers! What expensive product will protect from this? Black Sheep proactively secures servers and networks to protect from exploitations, and both past and future vulnerabilities.