Network Security Information: UNIX  
Network Security Information: UNIX
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The good guide to hackers and admins

Problems With The FTP PORT Command(paper)
Why You Don't Want Just Any PORT in a Storm

An Architectural Overview of UNIX Network Security(paper)
Some points about org. policy

How to hold onto root once you have it(paper)
Intended for hackers and administrators alike

Securing NIS(paper)
About Network Information Service (formerly YP)

Securing X Windows(paper)
CIAC reccomenations

Improving X-Windows security (paper)
Some suggestions

A Guide to Internet Security: Becoming an Uebercracker and Becoming an UeberAdmin to stop Uebercrackers.(paper)
Short but informative

COPS and Robbers: UN*X System Security(paper)
Basic ways of breaking site and secure it

Protection of TCP/IP Based Network Elements(checklist)
Just some interesting things about it

Scanning for RPC Services(paper)
UDP-scan and remote programs resolve

LOKI2 - information-tunneling program and description.(paper)
How to send your data more securely

File Descriptor Hijacking(paper)
It will help after root access :)

Programming UNIX Sockets in C - Frequently Asked Questions(faq)
If you want to programm sockets, this FAQ could help you.

This FAQ deals with some suggestions for securing your Unix machine after it has already been compromised.(faq)
Even if your machines have not been compromised, there are many helpful tips on securing a machine in this paper.

Description of hijacking(paper)
SYN/ACK attack

How to Set up a Secure Anonymous FTP Site(faq)
If you really need to setup it - look at this document 

Improving the Security of Your Site by Breaking Into it(paper)
Practical advices 

Improving the security of your UNIX system(paper)
Old information, but still actual.