Network Security Information: UNIX  
Network Security Information: UNIX
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Unix System Security Issues(paper)
Phrack article

Linux Security Administrator's Guide(how-to)
FAQs, links, recommendations. If you deal with Linux, look at this paper!

A Beginners Introduction To Hacking Around On The UNIX Operating System, Part II(paper)
Yeah! Right. For beginners.

An Introduction To Hacking Around With The UNIX Operating System(paper)
Some methods.

Configuring an Internet Firewall and Home LAN With Linux(paper)
Practical advice.

An Indepth Guide in Hacking UNIX and the concept of Basic Networking Utility(paper)
How to collect information about UNIX.

A walk around a hacked system(paper)
Here is the step by step through the basic process

How to cover your tracks - Practice(paper)
2'nd part of the previous doc.

How to cover your tracks - Theory and Background(paper)
The basics you should know and the advanced techniques

Hacking Kit(paper)
The paper about most known insecurities + examples + sources

Learn how to make your site more secure(paper)
System administrators can use this document to prevent several types of break-ins.

NFS Tracing By Passive Network Monitoring(paper)
Non-intrusively monitoring the Ethernet traffic.

All you want to know about UNIX passwords(paper)
Description of /etc/passwd in different systems.

Getting A Handle On Internet Security(paper)
Some suggestions for securing your Internet-connected machines

UNIX: A Hacking Tutorial (paper)
The first half of this text is a UNIX guide and the second part - hacking tutorial

Advanced Networking Security(report)
The report about competition between hackers and admins

UNIX Computer Security Checklist(checklist)
Common and known security vulnerabilities under the UNIX (ACERT)

Intruder Detection Checklist(checklist)
Steps for determining if your system has been compromised (CERT)

Securing Internet Information Servers(how-to)
The same as before but from another security organization (CIAC)

UNIX Configuration Guidelines(checklist)
Common UNIX system security configuration problems (CERT)