Network Security Information: Security Policy  
Network Security Information: Security Policy
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Back to Information Security Basics(paper)
Several advises about organizing of your network security.

Real World Problem Cases Caused By Missing Policies(paper)
Funny stories.

What Do I Put in a Security Policy?(paper)
Sample security policy outline included.

How to develop a Network Security Policy(paper)
Almost all steps.

An Overview of Corporate Information Security(paper)
Combining Organizational, Physical & IT Security.

10 Tips for Creating a Network Security Policy(paper)
Very short.

Site Security Policy Development(paper)
Australian CERT recommendations.

Computer and Information Security Policy(paper)
Draft paper for NIST Computer Security Handbook.

Firewalls and Internet security(report)
Good paper with theory and firewalls description. Network security policy example.

Internet Security Policy: A Technical Guide(how-to)
This document is intended to help an organization create a coherent Internet-specific information security policy

Guideline for The Analysis Local Area Network Security(paper)
US Federal standarts