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WWW Security : Introduction



WWW Security

Hello. You might wonder why we wrote about WWW security.  You probably think, hey, they had no other choice. It's not really true. Security is a very interesting subject, and it's important too. Many people feel the internet won't be able to fulfill it's role in our society, until it'll become a truly safe place. 

We tried to cover many subjects in this work, from security in general, to new, emerging technologies, like Java and ActiveX. We are quite aware of the fact that these things might change overnight, so we can only say we tried providing the most accurate and up-to-date information about those subjects. 

One important note, is that we used lots of clip art and images taken from several sites in the WWW. We truly hope we didn't violate any copyright law, and if we did, please tell us, and we'll remove the image. 

We hope you'll enjoy this work, and maybe you'll learn something from it! 


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