Network Security Information: Misc  
Network Security Information: Misc
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How to Handle and Identify Network Probes(paper)
Very interesting paper. Useful for security experts and network admins.

Crackers and Commercial Vulnerability Scanners(paper)
Information about (dis)licensing of such scanners :)

Simulating Cyber Attacks, Defenses, and Consequences(paper)
One more paper about simulating attacks, but this one is much bigger and interesting

A Preliminary Classification Scheme for Information System Threats, Attacks, and Defenses; A Cause and Effect Model; and Some Analysis Based on That Model(paper)
Maybe useful for the security experts or those, who wants to write a book

Managing Network Security: Simulating Network Security(paper)
Atack and defence simulators

Managing Network Security: Watching the World(paper)
Examples of traffic analisys

Managing Network Security: Attack and Defense Strategies(paper)
How they works together

Maintaining Security.(paper)
Common functions

Security: Secure Internet Data Transmission.(paper)
Sniff, spoof, encryption

Security: Access Control.(paper)
Autentification and autorisation

Security: Keeping Hackers Out.(paper)
Protecting and testing

Network desing - security.(paper)
Policy, risks, encryption, authentification, etc

Handbook of Information Security Management(book)
Cool book! 7Mb about almost all security kinds

Guide For Protecting Local Area Networks And Wide Area Networks (LANs/WANs)(paper)
A little old but with some theoretical things.

Hacker's Encyclopedia(paper)
Many terms and their descriptions.

Computer security(paper)
Computer security and Network Security White Paper.

Introduction to Denial of Service(paper)
Answers the most questions about DoS. With some examples for many OS.

The Social Organization Of The Computer Undergroung(paper)
This paper examines the social organization of the "computer underground"

Approaching Zero - The Extraordinary Underworld of Hackers, Phreakers, etc.(paper)
Who they are, why they are.

Maximum Security: A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Internet Site and Network(book)
Great book! Now it's illegal here, but I've sent request to legalize this copy.