"Smart-GUI" - Black Sheep Networks submits SBIR Phase I proposal for 2009.1
Black Sheep has proposed an automatic user interface configuration management system utilizing the TCL/Tk development environment. The design is named "Smart-GUI".
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Black Sheep Networks submits SBIR Phase I proposal for 2008.3
Black Sheep has proposed techniques to be developed that address need-to-share and "browse-up" cross-domain capabilities. Current techniques for access to web resources in the military domain are based on a "need-to-know" paradigm.
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Completed TI08 AN/BYG-1(V) Submarine Weapon Control Gate Guard System at DCID6/3 PL4 Accreditation with Solaris 10 and Trusted Extensions.


Developed a trusted system for a leading financial investment company in order to prevent web page hijacking or exploitation of their Oracle database. A Trusted UNIX system used in an Internet-based environment with Database transactions.


Designed and built an all-in-one hardware device as a drop-in security appliance to "wrap" existing servers and provide a cross-domain security barrier. This device implements DOD DCID6/3 Protection Level 4+ for existing servers without redesign or code changes. Based on Common Criteria EAL4+ Certified Operating System defined with LSPP, CAPP, and RBAC protection profiles.
Implement SSL Encryption, Firewall, Network Labeling, Intrusion Detection, Network Auditing, Virus Scanning, and Data Guarding/Content Filtering and Validation.
Government Benefits

  • Cross-domain information sharing
  • Bridge Secret & SCI, with appropriate information flow enforced
  • Content Validation of messages for release authorization
  • Automatically sanitize and downgrade formatted classified documents
    Commercial Industry Benefits
  • Defend against threat of information hijacking
  • Meet HIPAA requirements
  • Secure and control access to personal, financial, and privileged information
  • HTTP request filtering based on a dirty word search, and filtering out executable content
  • Content validation can be used to counter threats that might be introduced through content
  • 2006.10.10

    Designed Trusted Cross-Domain System for JFIRES (Joint Force Interoperability and Requirements Evaluation SupraCenter) contract at Raytheon to meet NISPOM PL3 Requirements. Raytheon link


    Completed TI06 AN/BYG-1(V) Submarine Weapon Control Gate Guard at DCID6/3 PL4 Accreditation with Trusted Solaris 8.


    Completed TI04 AN/BYG-1(V) Submarine Weapon Control Gate Guard at DCID6/3 PL2 Accreditation with RHEL Linux servers. Virginia, Seawolf, and Boise class submarines.


    Submarine Cross-Domain system and UNIX security support to be Provided to the Navy/NUWC/NAVSEA by Black Sheep Networks as a Subcontractor to Raytheon.


    Black Sheep networks Inc partners with Hosted DB (later renamed Armored Servers), http://www.armoredservers.com, a small business specializing in Secured Dedicated Servers, essentially outsourcing security and providing remote servers and datacenters for businesses.


    IRS (Internal Revenue Service) Nation-wide System Security Design through SPAWAR by Black Sheep Networks as a subcontractor to Eagan McAllister (EMA).


    Long term Contract Awarded for designing and managing national ClearCase/MultiSite development environment for Arris/Nortel